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Pepsico Holdings
Lebedyan, 2013

Project Manager:

Maxim Yegorov
Maxim Yegorov
Maxim Yegorov is a project manager, platoon commander in past. Clear, straight, always keeps to the point. Preferences: complex projects and tight-corner situations.

Project in numbers:

17,000 m²
Work site area
288 pcs
Quantity of lighting fixtures installed
Project implementation
Pepsico in Lebedyan is Russia’s largest producer of beverages. The Customer entrusted us to ensure illumination in control points in accordance with the European Standard of 300 lx at any time of day, and the most energy efficient lighting system.
Design works
Electrical installation works
Supply lighting equipment
Services electrical laboratories
Automated control systems

The works were carried out at the following sites:


Production Building with the main extension;

Feedstock Acceptance Department;

Syrup Section;

Blending Section;

Sterilization Section.

Project achievements:

Our team has implemented a project to modernize the lighting system of production and warehouse premises of Pepsico Holdings LLC. A lighting control system based on Philips equipment using TTX400 busbar, controllers, motion sensors and illumination control has been developed. At the time of the passage of the "kara" between the racks, the lights turn on immediately before the movement of the trajectory of the "kara". If there was no movement for 10 minutes, the lights were turned off automatically, except for the lights on duty. To implement evacuation lighting, lamps with a built-in rechargeable battery, with a working life of 1 hour, were used.

The achieved savings amounted to 40% of the power, while the illumination level was brought into line with the norms.