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Mikhailovskiy GOK
Zheleznogorsk, 2015

Project Manager:

Danila Sitnikov
Danila Sitnikov
Danila Sitnikov is a project manager, our key employee. He successfully completed projects in most remote areas of the Russian Federation; his favorite cities are Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Vladivostok, Chelyabinsk.

Project in numbers:

200,000 m2
Work site area
1,169 pcs.
Quantity of lighting fixtures installed
Project implementation
Mikhailovskiy GOK is a part of the largest in Russia and CIS iron ore company, Metalloinvest, and one of the domestic leaders of the mining and metallurgical field. It is located in Zheleznogorsk of the Kursk Oblast.

Photos of the object after our work:

Mikhailovskiy GOK
Mikhailovskiy GOK
Mikhailovskiy GOK
Mikhailovskiy GOK
Mikhailovskiy GOK
Mikhailovskiy GOK
Design works
Electrical installation works
Supply lighting equipment
Services electrical laboratories

The works were performed in the following areas:

Return water supply pump house, TsKhKh; DF DOK; Firing area, FOK; OF and OGPO DOK; OF OMMO DOK; Pump house on Chern river; Pulp pump house TsKhKH; Wet pelletizing area, FOK; Charge preparation area, FOK; Repair workshops, UAT; Parking box, UAT; BelAZ repair building; UZhDT depot

Project achievements:

This project became a “milestone” for our team. This was the first Mining and Refining Complex installed “turnkey” in a single continuous stage. The works were performed at the operations complex. Some sections were installed at night so as not to disturb production processes in workshops. It was a complex and ambitious project, and our team handled the task within the contractual terms and, of course, gained priceless experience.