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Stupino-Sitenka, 2014

Project Manager:

Danila Sitnikov
Danila Sitnikov
Danila Sitnikov is a project manager, our key employee. He successfully completed projects in most remote areas of the Russian Federation; his favorite cities are Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Vladivostok, Chelyabinsk.

Project in numbers:

80,000 m²
Work site area
4,000 pcs.
Quantity of lighting fixtures installed
Project implementation
The Mars Company is a pioneer among foreign investors who came to the Moscow Region. Since the launch of the industrial estate in Stupino, the Mars company has become one of the most stable and efficient Russian market structures, the largest producer of high-quality confectionery.
Design works
Electrical installation works
Supply lighting equipment
Services electrical laboratories
Automated control systems

The works were carried out at the following sites:

Open Space, Dove & Old MM`s;

Nut plant;

Base Tower;

Good`s In;



M&M`s new;

Ambulance and Fire Truck garage;

Auxiliary and technical premises;

Sanitary rooms.

Project achievements:

Due to the successful implementation of the project, we achieved power saving of up to 70% of consumed power and received the BREEAM® Golden Certificate for Russia’s most power-efficient and environment-friendly production line.